welcome to the premier bike shop on the upper west side!

  • We take customer service seriously.

  • My Innovation Bike Shop experience was awesome.

  • This is how you run a bike shop

  • Service for me is priority #1. I got it here.


We can fix anything! With a lifetime of experience working on bikes from BMX, to mountain, to road we can address any squeek, bobble, weeble, wobble, or hiss. Bring us your problem and we’ll have you back out and riding in no time.

We provide the following services:

  • Basic

    Clean, degrease, and inspect all components. Brake and gear adjustments to ensure your safety.

  • Deluxe

    Same as Basic, but includes truing both wheels assuring proper alignment provides optimal braking surface.

  • Pro

    Involves a complete overhaul where your entire bike is disassembled, cleaned, degreased and reassembled like new with new cables and/or bearings if needed.

We offer complete packing and shipping services to make moving your bike easy!

Bring in your bike to be shipped - we will package it in a bike box using professional materials and ship to the address you provide. We can also pack it in your bike travel case.

Have your bike shipped to us directly - just provide our address, notify us, and upon it’s arrival we will assemble your bike and have it ready for you to pick up!

It simply doesn’t get easier than that!

Just can’t get out of work in time? We can do it for you!

For a small flat rate of $10 we will pick up or drop off your bike when it needs service! We offer delivery services throughout Manhattan. Most pick up and drop offs are before or after hours at your convenience, but also throughout the day.

Call the shop (212) 678-7130 to make an appointment!